PSA to Zero

Measuring psa (prostate specific antigen) is a way of monitoring the progress or otherwise of prostate cancer. It is not terribly accurate, yet thousands of men, myself included, live with the knowledge that this number has a huge impact on their lives. I am not a medical man, in fact I was an engineer and also a rehabilitation counsellor. I am now retired.

I┬áhope that someone will benefit from my experience living with prostate cancer. (Note- Not ‘dying of prostate cancer’). The opinions expressed here are just that, my own opinions. Please do not rely on them as medical advice. Always consult with your own medical professionals.
Prostate Cancer is not a “good” cancer. I have read where people have said “If you are going to get cancer, prostate cancer is the one to get”. Prostate cancer is a bitch, it stuffs up so much of your life. The only “good” thing about it is that it is easy to detect and it is usually slow to grow.
There are no “good” cancers. They all suck. Some more than others to be sure. I plan to tell my story in this blog. Hopefully someone will benefit from my experiences. If so, I have done my job well….and if you happen to be a fellow sufferer, my thoughts go out to you and I wish you well.

Oh, by the way, I also have other interests, more in keeping with living, such as meeting friends, ships, sailing, photography, movies, making videos, reading, etc, etc, and these will often appear in my stories.

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